Our job is to empower our clients. It just so happens that we build great websites too. At Empire we always begin with the customer in mind. Are you a business owner, artist, blogger, or musician? Whatever your niche we tailor our solutions to accomplish exactly what you need. Which is why we don’t offer boxed-up “packages”, because we know every goal and budget is unique.

We've Been in Your Shoes

We didn’t start our careers as web geeks. We started as real estate agents who realized that our sites weren’t delivering customers, and went searching for answers why.

After pouring through research, taking countless classes, and even earning a Data Science certification, we finally perfected our methods. Once we knew we could duplicate our results we became dedicated to helping others reach the same level of success.

Empire is prepared to take you to the next level of notoriety by providing what we as business owners know to be the key ingredients in web presence.

Our Motto: "Build Your Empire"

It's not because we believe in ruling the world, but because we believe everyone can build a business that supports them, and puts them in charge of their own life. Whether you need a site designed, SEO and digital marketing to capture more leads, or anything in between, let us help you get started.

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Mela Indian Restaurant

Mela was in need of a facelift, so we took all new photos, implemented some new menu features, and created a blog to keep their content as fresh as their ingredients.

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Mela Indian Restaurant



We gave them a fresh new look, while cleaning up their on-page SEO. Then we launched a huge backlink campaign getting the site ranked for over 500 keywords!

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Voice Over Artist Dan Friedman